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🪄 Welcome to AutoSynthetix! We are building the first all-in-one AI.
⚡ Create your own sales funnel and entire business on a single platform.
🎨 Create art, blogs, slideshow and storyteller videos and share within seconds.
📱 Don’t get left behind in the fast-paced world of technology – join us on this exciting journey!
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News & Updates

Thank you for visiting AutoSynthetix! This website is still being developed and not officially released yet, although you can find the latest updates here on this website. If you are interested, please check back often as there are many improvements to come. This section is a general overview of the project status, updates and upcoming features.

⚡ Platform Updates: ⚡

  • 📦 There is an open source chatbot on GitHub at jdwebprogrammer/chatbot.
  • 🌐 Post various links and resource content from YouTube, Twitch and Discord chat.
  • 🏆 We now offer the early access all-in-one AI app currently with chat, image, blog and slideshow maker available for Patreon members.

🪄💻 All AI Features, All Platforms: 🪄💻

  • 🤖 Your familiar AI ChatBot with loads of features including web search, customizations and self-training models!
  • 🎨 AI Image generation, 🎵 Music, 🗣️ Voice, 👨‍🔧 Code, 📝 Blog Maker, 📸 Slideshow, 🎬 Storyteller
  • 🚧 Coming Soon: 🚀 Task running, 👷 Tutorial Maker, 📚 Research, 🙋 Avatar and more!

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